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Hi, my name is Tyrone, owner of Tyrone's Driving School. When I first started teaching persons to drive back in 1994, I had no idea that this would become a lifelong partner of mine; one that I'd come to love so much. I fell in love with this job from inception and decided to get necessary training to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).
It was not about the money. The reward was and to this day, still is mostly intrinsic. Seeing persons who could barely stay on their left develop into competent, defensive drivers is an amazing feeling!

I’ve been fortunate to have a well trained team who shares the same feeling as I do. We care about our students and fellow road users, so in keeping with this, we teach defensive driving. We focus on the how, why, when, where and what, to ensure that even when they've passed the driving test and on their own, they understand and are fully capable of navigating difficult situations.

We're in this together, we care!





Bookings Administrator 

Brianna is very organized and pays great attention to detail. She plays an invaluable part in keeping things at TDS running smoothly.
She is constantly making suggestions on how we can improve the customer experience. Her friendly personality is a hit with students, this is proven by constant mention of her name in our customer reviews.



Advance Course Instructor

Gregston better known as Ron is patient, easygoing, punctual and dedicated. Ron is like a father to his students, even the ones that are older than him, from offering an umbrella to shade from the sun to offering listening ear at the end of a session. Ron is artistic and techy, he is ready and willing not only to learn but to jump in and try to fix any problems arising rather technical or other wise. Some of his awesome art work can be seen on our social media pages.



Advanced Course Instructor

Pedro is patient, reliable, understanding and motivating. He has a coaching background which comes in very handy. His bubbly personality, constant smile and motivational speeches encourages students to buckle down, focus, and not disappoint the coach. Like all of us he's excited when a student passes and disappointed when they fail. We normally have to console him after one of his students failed.(but don't let him know we told you so)

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