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Cancellation Policy

We recognize that situations do arise and as a result you may have to cancel a lesson. However, where possible, we would appreciate if you do so no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to your scheduled lesson. A cancellation made in this manner can be rescheduled with no penalty incurred.

Additionally, with three (3) cumulative cancellations Tyrone’s Driving School reserves the right to prohibit future bookings.

No Shows/ No Calls Policy

NO-SHOWS FOR DRIVING LESSONS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Instructors will wait outside of the pick up location for 15 minutes. Over that period of time, they will call, text, knock on the door/ring the doorbell, or do anything else in their power to reach you. If they have not heard from you after 20 minutes, they are allowed to leave and the lesson is counted as a no-show.

Kindly note that Tyrone’s Driving School reserves the right to refuse service at its sole discretion.

Refund Policy


Refunds can be issued for driving lessons within thirty (30) days of payment if you have not yet begun your driving lessons. 


Refunds will NOT be issued after the thirty (30) day period ends.  Driving lesson time cannot be used for Driving tests under any circumstance. Payments made are nontransferable.


If you fail to show up or call for one of your scheduled sessions, REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. 


Our Commitment


If we cancel a driving lesson less than twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled time, (except in circumstances beyond our control e.g. natural disasters, accidents, delays in scheduled driving tests) you are entitled to thirty (30) minutes free on your next lesson. Similarly, outside of the listed circumstances, if we don't show up on the scheduled date and time you are entitled to thirty (30) minutes free. 

Accepted Payment Methods

Cash, Direct Transfer, First Pay

Tyrone's Driving Schools reserves the right to change our prices for driving lessons and driving test at any time and does not guarantee that we will honor previous prices once prices are changed.

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