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How safe is braking a motorcycle with back brake only?

Using only the back brake on a motorcycle is generally not the safest practice. Here’s why:

1. **Reduced Stopping Power**: The rear brake typically provides less braking power compared to the front brake. On most motorcycles, the front brake handles around 70-80% of the braking force due to weight transfer to the front wheel during braking.

2. **Skidding Risk**: Over-reliance on the rear brake can increase the risk of the rear wheel locking up and skidding. A locked rear wheel can lead to a loss of control and a potential crash, especially in emergency situations or on slippery surfaces.

3. **Longer Stopping Distance**: Using only the rear brake can significantly increase the stopping distance. This can be particularly dangerous in situations where you need to stop quickly to avoid an obstacle or a collision.

4. **Reduced Stability**: Balanced braking, which involves using both the front and rear brakes, helps maintain motorcycle stability. Using only the rear brake can lead to instability, especially at higher speeds or when making sudden stops.

For safe braking, it’s recommended to use both the front and rear brakes in conjunction. This balanced approach maximizes stopping power, reduces stopping distance, and helps maintain control and stability of the motorcycle. Practicing and developing good braking habits in controlled environments can greatly improve safety on the road.

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